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Relaxing Facials/Maintenance:

Odyssey Classic Facial – a relaxing treatment for your Skin & Soul, includes exfoliation, steam, decollete, shoulder & facial massage plus a mask.  Products chosen to complement your skin type.

  • $70 – One-hour treatment

Odyssey Express Facial – exfoliation, steam, massage (face only), mask.

  • $50   45 minute treatment

Advanced Skin Care Treatments

Odyssey Consultations For Optimal Results

To create a treatment protocol to help you achieve maximum results we first need to establish the skin’s current condition.  Using skin diagnostic equipment, Nicole can assess your skin’s health and discuss with you, your concerns & your aims.  Your overall health can be reflected in your skin so a comprehensive health questionnaire covering diet, lifestyle/stress, work/play & exercise habits will be analysed.  Naturopathic support and nutritional supplementation advice will be offered to help guide your skin back onto the right path to health & vitality.

  • $75  ¾ hr  For best results come with a bare face including no moisturizer/sunscreen. Using skin diagnostic equipment including skin scanner & camera, levels of elasticity, hydration, sebum, congestion, wrinkle depth & pore size, plus sensitivity & pigmentation  will be measured and stored electronically to chart your skin’s progress.  A written report will be emailed to you with specific treatment protocols & product prescriptions.  ($50 of the consultation fee may be redeemed against skincare product purchase if purchased on the day of the consultation)
  • $50 ½ hr  Nutritional analysis will include supplementation suggestions to help balance the skin’s nutritional needs that may be lacking in the diet.  Exercise & lifestyle advice will also be covered in this consultation.  ($30 of the consultation fee may be redeemed against supplement purchases if purchased on the day of the consultation).
  • $100  1hr  Combine the above 2 consultations for a quick start to skin health.  ($70 of the consultation fee may be redeemed against product/supplement purchase if purchased on the day of the consultation)

Odyssey Acne/Deep Cleanse Treatment – for troubled congested skin to gently unclog & improve the skin’s appearance & texture using electrical equipment including Vacuum Suction or Desincrustation or High Frequency or LED cool beam light therapy.

  • $97.00   75 mins  (course of 6 treatments prepaid = $520)

Basic Odyssey Professional Peel – a refining process to improve the appearance & texture of skin.

  • Peel only (30 mins) $40
  • Incorporated into a full facial $100

Advanced Odyssey Professional Peels – for specific skin conditions, a range of bespoke peels with active ingredients can be prescribed during a consultation/treatment. Starting from $120.

Microderm-Abrasion & Hydroderm-Abrasion – this combination of the traditional diamond head microdermabrasion with hydro-dermabrasion offers multiple treatment options for all skin types from within the one machine. No matter the sensitivity levels in your skin or your skin condition, a treatment method for resurfacing the skin, refining pores and removing excess skin cells can be designed.

Combine this with a variety of ampoule treatments which can be delivered deep into the skin through electroporation and you have the gold standard in personalising skin care and corrective treatments, no matter what skin type you have.

Enquire about the best type of skin resurfacing for you.
Microderm/hydroderm basic treatments begin at $120

(but will vary upward if ampoule treatment and electroporation is combined with the hydro/microderm)

Odyssey Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Anti-ageing Treatment – A non-surgical alternative to Botox. This treatment is anti-ageing, restorative & plumps the skin’s moisture levels.  Vit C is well known for its anti-oxidant properties & ability to stimulate collagen production.

  • $195 –  One-hour Treatment includes 3-week supply of serum for home use

Odyssey Intensive Restorative Treatment – the enzymes & actives in this treatment restore skin function at the cellular level.  Repairs damage, improves elasticity, firmness, luminosity & the effects of environmental aggressors.  This deluxe facial treatment includes a 2 week ampoule course for home use. Ideal for the change of seasons or before that important occasion.

  • $480 – One-hour Treatment includes 14 ampoule treatments for home use

Odyssey LED Facials – gentle cool beam light therapy.  Aids with skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, acne, scarring, eczema, through light energy of differing wave lengths for different conditions.

  • $85 – One-hour treatment

Collagen Induction Therapy (Dermal Needling)

This treatment encourages the skin’s natural wound healing response to promote growth factors and stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, promoting a firmer, younger & more vibrant skin.  Peptides, serums and actives penetrate into the skin to help kick start the skin’s own healing process.  The use of LED therapy following the treatment reduces the down time associated with this treatment and again stimulates the formation of the new collagen & rejuvenation.  Again for best results a course of 3-4 treatments is ideal.

  • $300 – $350  1 ½ hour treatment – with electronic Dermal Pen
  • $50  ½ hr follow on treatment within 5 days of clinic treatment incl LED therapy treatment.


Aromatherapy treatments include an individual prescription blended especially for you to assist with any emotional or physical challenges you may be facing, or to simply escape the world for an indulgent aromatic experience – truly blissful

Odyssey Aromatherapy Facial – a facial experience including exfoliant, steam and massage with an individually blended oil prescription & mask

  • $85 – one-hour treatment

Odyssey Aromatherapy Back Massage – a back massage with an individually blended oil prescription

  • $50   20 minute treatment (may be added on to any other treatment)
  • Individual Oil Prescription blends for home use available by request

 IPL Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light therapy treatments are used to:

  • reduce hair growth
  • remove & minimize pigmentation spots
  • reduce the appearance of capillary damage caused from environmental stressors
  • assist in treating acne and scarring.

IPL treatments are more effective when completed as a course of treatments.  Purchase a course of 5 treatments and receive the 6th treatment free.  Cost of IPL treatments can be as little as $50 per area for an upper lip hair reduction treatment through to a full face collagen rejuvenation treatment at $250.  An individual consultation is required to check your suitability for treatment & to assess the size of the area to be treated before a definitive quote can be given. A “patch test” is also required before any course of treatments is undertaken.


This treatment allows for the permanent reduction of hair growth on any area of the body.  It is particularly effective with grey/blonde hair on the face which does not respond to IPL treatments. Book an individual consultation to have the process explained to see if this treatment will be effective for you.

  • $30 per ¼ hr
  • $60 per ½ hr
  • $75 per  ¾ hr

Beautiful Eyes

  • $25 Eyelash tint
  • $15 Eyebrow tint
  • $15 Eyebrow shape
  • $50 Eyelash & eyebrow tint & shape


  • From $25    Upper lip or chin


  • $15 Upper lip
  • $15 Chin
  • $25 Upper lip & chin
  • $35 ½ leg lower
  • $80 Full leg
  • $25-$40 Bikini/High bikini
  • $25 Underarm


  • $35 Manicure
  • $50 Pedicure


  • $40 Special Occasion makeup
  • Individual or Group makeup lessons available on request

Spray Tan 100% ECO Certified Organic

A range of solutions available from 1 hour through to 4 hour development time for darker tans.

  • $45  Full body
  • $30  Ballgown
  • $30 Legs

Weight Loss & Exercise Programmes

Bodykey is a weight loss programme that contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners that is scientifically formulated, containing 23 vitamins and minerals for sustainable healthy weight loss.  By wearing an InBody Band you can track your body’s fat percentage, your movement and calories consumed, sleep quality and heart rate to help you reach your personal health goals.

  • $600 – includes 4 weeks of shakes, protein powder, fibre tablets & the
  • electronic InBody band plus personal support & coaching and a prescribed exercise programme if you desire.