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Nicole offers existing and new clients a wealth of experience with a career spanning over 25 years in the beauty therapy, nutritional, health and fitness industries.  She is still so passionate about beauty health and wellbeing, that in tandem with her own private practice, she also lectures at the Otago Polytechnic’s Dunedin Beauty therapy campus, sharing her knowledge with the next generation of beauty therapists.

With a fascination with the science involved behind the structure and function of skin and disorders of the skin, Nicole has specialized in skin health gaining her Master Practitioner’s Diploma in Advanced Skin Diagnosis from world renown teacher Flo Barrett.  This covered all angles of anti-ageing, pigmentation, rosacea and acne plus the study of cosmetic chemistry & the active ingredients in today’s formulations.  Further postgraduate study has seen Nicole train in the latest treatments such as IPL & LED light therapies plus Collagen Induction Therapy using surgical dermal needling techniques to rejuvenate the skin’s own collagen synthesis.

Preferring to treat the “whole person” Nicole uses a holistic approach to skin health, understanding that an individual’s inner health and stress has to be balanced in order to have great skin health.  She has trained in the complementary therapies of naturopathy, homoeopathy & Aromatherapy allowing her to prescribe supplements to complement the efficacy of skin care prescriptions and clinic treatments.

Odyssey for Skin & Soul is the place to begin to take the journey to great skin & overall health.


I found the BodyKey app and the InBody band great for tracking both how much movement I was doing on a daily basis and how much food I was eating.  It gives you real time feedback that you can act on, which can be really helpful especially on those days that you may need a bit of extra motivation to get to the gym.  The app also shows your progress over time measuring muscle mass and body fat percentage so you can see the changes instead of just relying on scales.  The BodyKey shakes tasted better than some other meal replacement shakes I’ve tried before and help to keep the calorie intake down on some days.


Nicole is so amazing!!  She has helped me so much with my skin problems, she looks into what’s causing the problems, has given me heaps of advice and even writes it down for me to refer back to.  My skin is improving.  She is great!!